Youth Education

Youth Education

Mission – To provide and educate a community on the basis of supporting family farms and growing and nurturing community food systems.

Farm-to-Plate advocate James (Kimo) Simpliciano has come full-circle in fostering the art of farming for culinary use, the freshest sourced locally- grown fruits and vegetables. Growing up farming and gardening on Oahu with his extended family, Kimo now cultivates crops on more than 75 acres, including acreage on private estate homes from Lahaina to Kaanapali and Napili to Kapalua. His goal is to build food communities in Hawaii by increasing the production and consumption of canoe crops in the islands as well as other indigenous crops such as maringa, turmeric, and hemp. Lahaina’s school-aged children have already begun visiting the farm and students from Kamehameha Schools – Maui Campus have a summer camp that includes working and learning with Simply Fresh Farm as well.

Teachers were asked to encourage the students to ask  questions of the field trip farm leader: Some that came up were: What are nitrogen fixating plants? What are beneficial bugs? What is carbon sequestering and how does it work? What was the land like before sugar cane production (what were indigenous uses of the land? How do you grow crops on land that does not get much rainfall? What is “dead soil” and how do you make it come alive again?

Future Tours are being planned to keep the kids learning about the importance of farming for their future health and well being.